A micro RPG about a software developer!

I started this project because I wanted to make an original and unique portfolio, showing some of my skills and explaining my professional experience in a different way. The result is this micro RPG (it can be completed in a few minutes) which is about my day-to-day professional life, but other people are likely to feel identified. If you play it you will be able to know more about me. I hope you like the game!


  • Using the keyboard, you can move the character using the arrows and interact with the A key. On the mobile, you can use the virtual buttons at the bottom left and right of the game.
  • Using keyboard, you can open the menu with the 'M' key. Within the menu, you can switch between the different pages with the arrows. You can also open the menu with the 'M' button at the top of the game.
  • With the keyboard, you can toggle the sound with the 'S' key or the 'S' button at the top right of the game. You can toggle the fullscreen mode with the 'F' key or the 'F' button.


This game is possible thanks to all these resources and their creators: